Taline Sheriff and Courtney Rohler first met in Prague, in the ubiquitous smoky café. There were no cell phones, only the payphone on the corner. Bathrooms were a luxury as most just bathed in a tub in the kitchen. But the energy was palpable and creativity was at an all time high. Bohemia at its Best. The perfect setting for this East meets West duo to start talking shop.

What first began as an urge to wear the perfect shoe became a fire that ignited the fashion passion of these two friends. When their paths crossed again, this time in New York City, they knew something fabulous must materialize. This time in Taline’s Greenwich Village studio, the duo designed their first flip-flop. The scene was decidedly different now. There were cell phones, cosmopolitans and swanky hotel lounges. But their inimitable style remained. With exotic trim, yards of sequins and talent to burn, the duo locked themselves away, ordered in and began creating. They combined Prague’s Bohemian Funk with New York’s DIVA Glamour. Taline tried the Dazzling Diva on her left foot and the Beaded Bohemia on her right. And with one glance, Courtney christened their company. DIVA bohemia!

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